Essential Rewards!

So! Young Living, besides being an amazing company offering wonderful products you can rely on, also has this amazing loyalty rewards program! It is 100% voluntary, no strings attached. You can sign up and get off whenever you would like to! However if you are using your Oils, actively asking questions trying new products, and really motivated to clean up your home from the toxins. . . it is the best thing since sliced bread!! The rewards are incredible!

How does I work? You sign up and commit (big word there oh no!) To spending 50pv (points value) which equates to about $50. Then you earn free Oils!! There are also incentives at higher levels, such as 100, 190, 250, and 300pvspent each month. Example this month If you spend 300+ you will get every oil in this cover image! Cool azul , found in the pain relief Crème, is a $100 value in and of itself!! Amazing!!!

Whoa I cannot afford to spend that much money! We yes you can! Here is why, you are not adding an expense you are replacing you current toxic filled products with nontoxic ones! Young Living has skin care, home cleaning, snacks, weight management, supplements, pure Essential Oils, pet care products, and so much more! All made with natural plant based formulas and most are infused with amazing essential oils! Young Living is for the man of the house, the furry friends, the babies, momma, aunts, uncles, cousins ,grand children. . .. You name it there is something for everyone and everyone you know deserves a toxic free wellness filled life!! Plus you earn free stuff!!!!